Upper West Side

125 West 79 Street
New York, NY 10024
(646) 784 0002

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We pride ourselves in prompt and efficient treatment. Most patients are seen at appointment time and rarely wait more than 10 minutes. Our staff is courteous and giving. Dr. Wong speaks Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and welcomes a multicultural practice.

Our patients are:

4 year old Kaitlin with eye turn and squint
85 year old Gertrude needing cataract surgery
60 year old Manuel with diabetes affecting the retina, needing laser treatment
25 year old Eric needing LASIK to be spectacle free for his sports
21 year old Karl needing PRK to be 20/20 in combat in Afghanistan
70 year old Lewis with glaucoma needing monitoring and eyedrops
50 year old Rose with postmenopausal dry eyes needing punctal plugs
76 year old Mei-Lan with wet macular degeneration needing Avastin Injections
15 year old Ryan wants contact lens fitting

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Medical Disclaimer:
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