Global Music Healing Institute
Samuel Wong, MD - President

Our purpose is to stimulate research, increase public awareness, and enhance interdisciplinary knowledge of the medical benefits of music, "Music Medicine". The corporation shall serve as a forum for discussion, exchange of ideas, presentation of research results applicable to historical and current trends in Music Medicine. The corporation will seek to apply current knowledge and implement music therapy programs in hospitals, hospices, universities, medical schools, assisted living communities, prisons, and rehabilitation programs with cutting edge technologies.

Means to accomplish our mission:

1. International conferences (such as Hawaii, May 21-22, 2005) where basic science, music therapy, neuro-imaging, mind-body communities will be brought together in a 2-day symposium. These conferences can coincide with symphony concerts that Maestro Samuel Wong will conduct (2005 in Hawaii, 2006 in New York, 2007 in Hong Kong)

2. Web site that will be a clearinghouse for current research and a forum for scientific exchange, including an e-Journal of Music Medicine.

3. Support basic science research and clinical studies of music medicine worldwide.

4. Forging connections to medical schools, music schools, and corporations worldwide to develop music therapy programs in hospitals, hospices, assisted living communities, prisons, schools for special need children, homeless shelters, rehabilitation centers.

5. Educating the public as to the medical benefits of music medicine through media activity (newspapers, TV, radio, internet, concerts)

Here is a copy of an article from the Summer 1999 issue of Harvard Medical Magazine.

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